Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Ultimate Oldies But Goodies Collection

Slightly over three weeks ago I posted a blog entry on Time-Life's forthcoming The Ultimate Oldies But Goodies Collection, a large, 10-CD box set of vintage rock 'n' roll. Given the vast number of hits this blog has received by individuals searching the web for information and/or reviews about Time-Life's new collection, I thought I'd post a brief update to tell readers to continue to check this blog from time-to-time, as Joe Sasfy, the producer of the OBG Collection, about two weeks ago graciously volunteered to send me a review copy. I promised Joe I'd post my review on this blog, but for some reason I haven't received the package yet, so I've been unable to follow-up on my previous post. I'm hopeful the package will arrive this week, and once I have it I will post my review just as soon as possible. I wish to thank everyone for referring to my blog for information, and I will provide updated material very soon. I'm very anxious to get my eager hands on the actual material artifact.

Information about the collection can be found here on Time-Life's website. I notice that as of this morning the collection is backordered. Apparently demand has exceeded supply.

In the meantime, "Grease for Peace."

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